Construction plans for the first houses in Samaipata

The architectural sketches for the village in Samaipata are designed by Alexandra Stahl based on sacral geometry, e.g. the flower of life, the golden section and the Fibonacci spiral, Yin and Yang and other principals. Some beautiful designs have already been created, but in the end everyone can design their own creative, ecological buildings and decide how they want to live and live according to their financial means and needs. All architectural models are still feasible at the moment because there are only a few structural requirements in Samaipata and the surrounding area.

Also housing for rent during the learning and trial phase is possible. Rental prices in Samaipata range between $250 and $450 per month, while individual homes cost between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on the size, style and interior of the home. For someone looking for a smaller house, 1-person homes begin at $8,000.

The first planned houses for Terra Universalis could look like this or similar. Here we see designs for the house under construction of a New Zealander who wants to be part of Terra Universalis.



In regard to land prices, some plots are already available, where group members could already construct and live. Overall, real estate prices range between about $15 – $25 per square meter. Some very nice houses are also available for buying in the nearby neighborhood and would be habitable for community members.

Other building designs to stimulate you own creativity can be found here. All houses are designed by Alexandra Stahl according to individual wishes.