The next Buddha could take the form of a community.
A community that practices compassion and loving care,
A community that practices a mindful life.
This could be our most important contribution for survival on Earth. “

Thich Nhat Hanh


We humans have the task of bringing humanity into evolution. Through our ability to love each other, evolution becomes something affectionate. This transcendent task in humanity serves our own survival, the welfare of all beings on earth, and the appreciation of the entire creative process.

By being in tune with our integrity, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and taking responsibility of our co-creative power, we will succeed in accomplishing this great task in the new community of Terra Universalis.

Only through this integrity, which we derive from an alert, honest self-inquiry, will we find the courage to dream a new collective dream into existence, or to create a whole new paradise out of the inner states of being of the heart on earth.

The insights gained from our self-knowledge contribute to letting our own human existence flourish in a living relationship with the community.

However, the founding of Terra Universalis coincides with the greatest human crisis, which is primarily a crisis of consciousness. The year of 2016/2017 was marked by the Q`eros, the Mayas and other indigenous peoples as the fateful year of human development and indeed proved to be an existential crisis year of the global economic and social order.

Planet Earth and Moon with Sunrise

As human species, for the first time on this Earth we have gained the consciousness to move toward an unknown, universal future by making conscious choices for the good of the whole. Imitation and emulation, summit experiences, evolutionary inspirations and ideas of previous courageous spiritual pioneers have encoded themselves in our body and energy system and now activate the potential dormant within us. Looking back on the evolution of man behind us reveals that, for the first time ever, we can make a conscious choice.

We are the first generation in which that is even possible! Our problems are evolutionary driving forces to awaken our new potential. In essence, evolution is nothing but love! Everything serves the coming forth of the individual being and humanity.

The path of self-knowledge leads to a phenomenon which brings forth in us all the available energetic forces, abilities, potential, as well as the capacity to free ourselves from all falsehood, neglect, exploitation, abuse and all injustice arising from the victim-perpetrator problem. This means we can free ourself from everything we have left on Earth in clutter and confusion.

In concrete terms, with our growing awakening, we now have the opportunity to rid the world of hunger and poverty, to unleash our creativity, to move from the armory to the forge of life – as Buckminister Fulleres (“from weaponry to livingry”) put it to embarkon the mightiest of all journeys; to explore the inner and outer Universe.

A beautiful nebula (irregular galaxy, NGC 4449) over the EarthEarth view from space at night - USA